ODK-X Tool Suite Release v2.1.7

The latest release of the ODK-X Tool Suite is now available for download!

The v2.1.7 tools are backward compatible with v2.1.* BUT not backward compatible with previous versions (v2.0.*). The incompatibility is internal to the ODK-X tools, all external files such as XLSX forms, JavaScript/HTML, and server interfaces are unaffected. Most users should experience a smooth upgrade.

This is a maintenance release meaning that many libraries have been updated. We have tried to test for incompatibilities, but we may not have found them all. Please report any problems here.

Detailed documentation about the ODK-X Tool Suite can be found at:

ODK-X v2.1.7 releases can be downloaded from:
Application Designer v2.1.7
Services v2.1.7
Suitcase v2.1.7
Survey v2.1.7
Tables v2.1.7

Version 2.1.7 rev 240 APKs are compatible with the Sync Endpoint. Aggregate is now deprecated.

This release includes:


  • Add new date types ‘birth_date’ and ‘date_no_time’ prompt types that do NOT automatically adjust to the time zones. NOTE: All other datetime types adjust to time zones.
  • Improved Sync-Endpoint script to make setup simpler
  • Add ability to customize LDAP administrator password during Sync-Endpoint setup
  • Android apps updated to target API 30
  • Upgraded libraries to incorporate security and bug fixes
  • Switch from Fabric.io Crashlytics libraries to Firebase Crashlytics libraries
  • Reformat some of the existing datetime formats to: “YYYY/MM/DD”
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