ODK-X Tool Suite Release v2.1.9

The latest release of the ODK-X Tool Suite is now available for download!

In this release, the Synchronization protocol was updated to increase speed on updates and avoid problems with resetting the server and the client not detecting the change. It is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that you update BOTH Services and Sync-Endpoint to version 2.1.9 so that the synchronization protocol changes match.

Please report any problems here.

Detailed documentation about the ODK-X Tool Suite can be found at:

ODK-X v2.1.9 releases can be downloaded from:
Application Designer v2.1.9
Services v2.1.9
Suitcase v2.1.9
Survey v2.1.9
Tables v2.1.9

NOTE: Make sure you use Services 2.1.9 with Sync-Endpoint 2.1.9 as the protocol was updated with fixes.


  • Remove dependency on OI File Manager
  • Drop support for Android 4.4.4. Minimum Android version is 5.0
  • Upgrade JavaScript libraries
  • Upgrade Android java dependency libraries and remove multi-dex support
  • Add new Calendar Date Prompts for Survey (GSoC)
  • Revised Suitcase User-Interface (GSoC)
  • Fix sync protocol so it detects if server has a new table (after a server reset) to prevent old data and new data syncing
  • Sync speed improvements