ODK2 Simple Demo Application problem

Since we’ve been using ODK1 with great success, I’m now attempting to learn about ODK2 by going through online documentation.

However, when trying to use the ODK 2 Simple Demo Application (https://docs.opendatakit.org/odk2/getting-started-2-user/) using the https://opendatakit-simpledemo.appspot.com server (using Username: None (anonymous access) ) to sync the phone apps, I repeatedly get the error:

A communications error occured
Network Error.
Please verify your device
browser can access your server.

I know my phone can access the Internet on 3 different data/WIFI connections.

If I try to do the same with my own ODK Aggregate (v.1.6.1), I don’t get any errors. (Nothing happens because I don’t have anything on it, but no errors.)

My Samsung Note 4 is using Android 6.0.1,
Android Services 2.0.5 rev 224
ODK Tables 2.0.5 rev 224
ODK Survey 2.0.5 rev 224
OI File Manager 2.2.2

Here is a screenshot of the error:

Any ideas what is wrong?

@Greg_Pommen, sorry you are having issues but thanks for posting the question.

I just synchronized with the server and verified it it should be working. I am guessing it might be a user issue, therefore, I would go to settings and click on “Reset Configuration” (red arrow) to reset all the server configuration. Then I would got to the “Server Settings” (blue arrow) screen and make sure you login using anonymous.

Let me know if that does not solve the problem for you.

@W_Brunette Thank you very much, it’s working now!

Earlier I had it working then it stopped being able to sync so I thought maybe the problem was on your end. A good learning experience for me!