[ODK2] Summary form


I have made 9 forms for the preparation of an underwater glider.
Now, I would like to have a form to summarize the results of those 10 forms.
For example, I have a form called “diagnostics” with a date. In the summary form, I would like to get the date of the “diagnostics” form. How to do that please ? using linked_tables ?



Dear @Karim_Bernardet1,

You have the right idea with linked tables I think. We did something similar when collecting labor market histories in that we were trying to make sure the “next” job was after the “last” job, so we were pulling the maximum date entered so far as a constraint to entering a new date when entering jobs in order (from first to most recent). You could use something similar for pulling the date from diagnostics. It does use (at leas the way we set it up) the async_assign functionality, which requires custom prompts, etc. (see past posts on this on ODK Forum).

Here’s our sub-form that pulls dates and reuses them in quest2_1_date_prevJob query and variable:
quest2_07_0.xlsx (59.6 KB)

and the custom prompt as a txt (.js wouldn’t upload). This goes right in the same folder as the (sub) form:

custom_prompt.txt (8.4 KB)

Hope these help!