I am trying to get a unique question instance ID in xlsforms.

Why does a note type with display.prompt.text of Show Instance ID:{{opendatakit.getCurrentInstanceID()}}
throw an error?

Hi @rob

something like this? InstanceId.xml (1.0 KB)

Thanks so much for replying. I’ll see if I can get uuid() working somehow.

Sure let us know in case of any problems.

Hi Grzegorz - I think something has changed with version 2.03 of the Application Designer. Neither uuid() or opendatakit.getCurrentInstanceId() are working. The example survey called Farms which is packaged with the Application Designer and uses opendatakit.getCurrentInstanceId() alo fails to load.

Possibly a bug in ODK ApplicationDesigner v2.0.3 rev 220 ?

ODK Application Designer is a part of ODK 2 I didn’t notice you talk about ODK 2. So I can’t help since I don’t know ODK 2 enough.

Hello Rob,
I’m trying to link the table with the UUID because I don’t have a unique row in my survey can you told me if you find a solution for that?

how can I put the uuid of the parent table in new column to the child table?

Sorry Benamor - I gave up on ODK 2 because of all the bugs. I never did find a solution. Hopefully getCurrentInstanceId() is fixed now

yes, I try it and it works I understand that you gave up. but now odkx it’s better it starts to be very good.
finally, your request did help me
Thank you, Rob