Please guide me to setup with z-alpha Json in ODK-2

Please guide me to setup with z-alpha Json in ODK-2, ,after submitting from Device its comes to ODK Aggregate Table Data, But Unable to publish data to external resources LIKE ODK->Publish with Z_Alpha Json Server

  1. ODK Tables Syncronization Functionality - enabled
  2. From SiteAdmin Synchronize Tables and other extensions enabled
  3. APks are installed in device, ODK Survey, ODK Tables, ODK Services, Ol manager

ODK Aggregate Version - v1.7.1

Hi @Soubhik_Basu!

So I think you may be mixing things across ODK-X (formerly ODK 2) and ODK. In the latest versions ODK-X does not support Aggregate. I am not sure if previous versions published data to external resources, but you could use Suitcase to download.

Hi elmps2018,

Thanks for your reply.

I just want to know that in ODK-X there is any way like publish data to external resource. (LIKE: ODK Publish)


Programmatic access to the Sync Endpoint is provided by its REST API. You can read about the API here. We also provide a Java client library called Sync Client, see here for more information.

If you don’t need API access but just needs to download/upload data. Suitcase would be much more suitable. It allows you to export data into CSVs and import data from CSVs. See here for more information.

Is API library available for php like java? I need api for php.


Only a Java client is available. You will need to interface directly with the REST API.