Preview Release ODK-X Tool Suite v2.1.9

The preview of the upcoming version 2.1.9 release of the ODK-X Android tools is now available for testing!

Please report any issues or problems here.

The v2.1.8 tools are backward compatible with v2.1.* BUT not backward compatible with previous versions (v2.0.*). The incompatibility is internal to the ODK-X tools, all external files such as XLSX forms, JavaScript/HTML, and server interfaces are unaffected. Most users should experience a smooth upgrade.

Detailed documentation about the ODK-X Tool Suite can be found at:

The preview release can be downloaded from:
Application Designer v2.1.9.preview
Services v2.1.9.preview
Survey v2.1.9.preview
Tables v2.1.8.preview

Version 2.1.9 are compatible with the Sync Endpoint. Aggregate is now deprecated.


  • Remove dependency on OI File Manager
  • Drop support for Android 4.4.4. Minimum Android version is 5.0
  • Upgrade JavaScript libraries
  • Upgrade Android java dependency libraries and remove multi-dex support
  • Add new Calendar Date Prompts for Survey (GSoC)