Problem connecting ODK Services to Sync Endpoint

I installed Sync Endpoint on Ubuntu Server 18.04 with no issues, following all the defaults in the docs. I logged in to phpLDAPadmin and created 2 users, adding them both to administer_tables group. I can browse to “Log in to Open Data Kit 2.0 Server” both from desktop and mobile device and log in with either of the users. When I try to authenticate either user from ODK Services 2.1.1 I get:
User authorization failure
Authentication Error.
Please verify your username/password or your account access.
I’m not very familiar with docker. Where should I look on the server for error messages that might help troubleshoot this problem?


See this thread.

It looks like you may not have added the user to the group on the LDAP server.

Hope this helps


Thank you for the suggestion. I already have everything working to the point that I can log in as either user in a browser, either from a desktop or from a Samsung tablet that is connected by wifi to the same network with the server:

However, I get the error in my prior post when I try to log in from the ODK Services 2.1.1 app on the same tablet.


Are you using a certificate. I didn’t bother with a certificate for the development work I have been doing. So when you are configuring ODK Services, you need to change the HTTPS to HTTP and you also need to put in an admin password so you can get to the admin settings and tick the box to allow non-encrypted connections.




That was my problem exactly. I’m in proof-of-concept stages, but feedback from management so far makes it sound like this will turn into a full development project for me. Thanks for your help.