Query Related to Final Application for Outreachy Internship

I require assistance in completing the final application. Could someone please provide guidance regarding the following questions:

  1. Some communities or projects may require additional information. Kindly consult your mentor and community coordinator to ascertain if there are any supplementary questions to address after saving your final application.
  2. Collaborate with your mentor to formulate a timeline outlining the tasks you intend to accomplish for the project and specify the milestones for each step. Ensure to consider any time constraints during the Outreachy internship round. If you are still in the process of contributing and require more time, you can leave this section blank and update your application later.

Hi @Hamna_Naveed! We posted about this on Slack:

In your application, you should include a proposal and detailed timeline for how you will do your work If you want us to give you feedback on your proposal, please share it to the #proposals channel by Friday March 29. Please share it as a google doc and make sure we have permission to comment! Folks often worry by sharing if they are giving away their ideas; we know what order things were shared in and can assess originality, don’t worry! Let us know if you have any questions.

(There is no other additional information).

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Thanks for the guidance :smiley: @elmps2018