Re-organize/ re-order columns in ODK tables


The columns in ODK tables are organized or ordered alphabetically and I
would like to change the ordering according to my needs and to be more user
friendly for my users by starting with for example, job number, then name,
gender, age, etc. I tried modifying the definition.csv before uploading the
survey through application designer but this has no effect.

Please help, thanks.

Hello Team,
@kamautim, Did you get help with this? If you did please share.
To the community ,
If someone has a way out of this please share

If you’re referring to the column order in the spreadsheet view of Tables, you can specify the order on the properties sheet. See app-designer/agriculture.xlsx at 051e65580718983745d6697ec277d804d5237fcd · odk-x/app-designer · GitHub for an example.

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Dear team;

Has anyone been successful in reordering the column as per the agriculture.xlsx file.
@linl33 I have tried to put follow the example but still I seem not to be getting the ordering. Even the Table properties they seem not to be effected upon converting the formDef.json and the properties file. Below is my properties sheet in my survey.

Thank you.

Did the agriculture order work when you simply replicated that app? If that did and then you change it step-by-step to what you are trying to do, you may be able to identify where the problem is.

One issue to check is whether you are editing in tableid==formid, since that governs the properties, if it’s a form that writes to another table nothing will be affected.

Thanks @elmps2018 for your response. After carefully comparing the properties sheet from agriculture file and mine, I noted that the column headings were different. I had included an underscore which I had copied from the properties file where the agriculture one does not have.