Read-only field

How to make a text field as read only field (non-editable) in odk2.0? Could anyone please help?


A read-only field is referred to as a note prompt type, see:

Thanks Caroline,
Could you use a note prompt to show an ID passed from another table. For example, if we create an enrollment form for women in our study and each woman gets a womanID. Then we want to add related forms (followup) for this woman. When a new followup form is created, we prefill the womanID field (addRowWithSurvey). The key for the follow up form would be a compound key of womanID and date.

On the followup form, during add or edit, we don’t want the data collector to change the womanID field.

Yes, you can definitely note an ID passed from another table. Any variable that is in the table (and once it has been passed through with model + query it will be in the table) can be noted. Or you can note text. We did this will all sorts of ids such as:
Household No. – {{data.q100}}

Thank you very much @elmps2018 for you help. The note type is able to hold the id as read only text.