Request for feedback on ODK-X Skunkworks Push Notifications project

Harsh Gupta, our GSoC intern for the ODK-X Push Notifications project, has published a demo video of the current state of the project. You can see the thread on slack or here is a direct link.

It would be great to hear feedback from the community, particularly TSC 2. Our primary goal here is to see if we have achieved the minimum viable product, something that we could release as a beta. The secondary goal is to hear if anyone feels there are features that would be nice to have, but not requirements. Harsh has a queue of those to work on, but we want to see what direction the communities needs pull us in.

Looking forward to your thoughts!

This looks super useful and has a lot of great features!

One feature that would be particularly helpful would be the ability to share images as well as text. When we had whatsapp groups for fielding teams, we would send a lot of screen shots when fielding or training issues came up, with arrows pointing, items circled, etc.

It also wasn’t clear to me whether the notifications would show up on a phone or tablet’s main screen when closed (like how you get notifications for a text message). That could be particularly helpful for messages like: “Field Team A, meet at 1st and 1st at 9am.”

We have added a one more feature i.e, Interactive Notification, through which the superuser(or admin) can send a interactive notification to the users to which they can respond by a text message. Superuser can see those responses from the desktop panel.

Here’s a demo video of this feature, slack or direct link.
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