Request to be guided on how to constrain a date not to pick future dates, how to avoid entering the details of the same individual more than once, pulling records from the parent form

Hello team,
I want guidance on how to solve these. I have tried with the resources available but not yielding fruit. I want help on:
1.How to put a constraint to a date not to accept a future date
2.Deduplication of records
3.Pulling records from a parent table to child table

Many many thanks
Much appreciation folks

Hi @hissdev! If you are struggling to implement something in the documentation, I often find it helpful to take an example form (from with the app designer or documentation) and modify it step by step rather than create from scratch. So to take a form that has a date constraint, and change it step-by-step, re-testing every step, until it is what you need. Then you know exactly where the problem is.

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