Row Level Access In ODK Survey


As our survey has started, we have faced this new problem that is, any surveyor that fills a form goes to all the other devices when they sync to the server and this is really not what we want.

Our desired behavior is that each surveyor should see only rows filled by him/her and also if we can assign specific forms to specific groups.

We have forms that should be filled by supervisor and forms that should be filled by surveyors which we want to be sync’ed by respected groups of users.

@clarice_larson, I have read your response to this question, couldn’t quite get the point, could you please elaborate a little further.



The default is for all surveys to be available to all enumerators, once they sync, but that is easy to change using row level permission filters.
You can define roles as well as groups, and there is an example application where you can see how this works on the page :point_up: