Script for digital ocean

Is there a way to create a an easy cloud script to install the whole enviorment with aggregate v.1.4.15 with digital ocean as we have an easy cloud script to install the whole eviromente with the latest aggregate.

v1.14.15 is an old version and it doesn’t make sense for the core team to invest our resources there. You can, of course, make your own easy cloud install script if you’d like. is a great place to start and is the script we use with recent versions of Aggregate.

The reason of using that old version is because thats the version needed for ODK-X . If not someone would have to use docker or install aggregate v1.14.15 manually.

Have you also considered using ODK-X sync endpoint? See:
Aggregate is a fairly short-term solution given that newer versions are not compatible, so we recommend sync endpoint.