Server does not have all app-level or table-level configuration for this APK version

Hi I’ve followed the steps in the Version 2.0 documentation to:

  • Install Application Designer on my computer
  • Install ODK Survey and ODK Services on my Android tablet (Google Nexus 7)
  • Install ODK Aggregate on Google Apps
  • Link ODK Services to ODK Aggregate
  • grunt adbpush-default-app the sample survey forms to my tablet

Now when I try to sync my tablet to ODK Aggregate (testing the household survey) I get “Server does not have all app-level or table-level configuration for this APK version”

Am I missing something completely fundamental here? e.g. the wrong server application for ODK Survey

With Thanks

Found all the missing gaps in this great post by Dr. Caroline Krafft:

[Community contributions to upcoming ODK 2.0 documentation refresh]

Hi, would you mind to share which part that went wrong and how did you fix this? I have read the docs but still stumbled into the same problems.

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Hi @aliahadss24,

A common cause for this error is empty files. Could you check if you have an empty file in your app directory?

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Basedon the folder inside app designer, there are no empty folders:

But after I pushed to Aggregate and try to sync back to device, I just realized that there are a empty folder named ‘permanent’.

What action should I take?

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Not empty folders, it’s empty files. Check under config, see if you see an empty file.

Right, after filtering and deleting the empy files, finally its all runs well. Thanks!

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