Setting up docs development environment

Hello Team @elmps2018 @W_Brunette @Esther-Phebe please i need your help with issue #207 and #157 i left a comment on respective issues page. Deploying the ODK-X Documentation project on my local environment returns an error. I can’t seem to figure the issue out.

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Kindly see attached.

Hi @Jukana I split this off into a new topic!

We will need some more information about the challenges you are facing in setting up the docs environment in order to be able to effectively help. Please clarify what step you are working on (Contributing to ODK-X Docs — ODK-X Docs) exactly. For instance, explain exactly which command you entered that gave you an error, any issues you faced in setup, etc.

I’ll follow up on the issues queue shortly.

Thanks so much for your reply @elmps2018 this problem is good now :grinning:. The problem came up in the “Working on the Docs” step.

I guess the problem was that I did not run “make odkx-check” command successfully before attempting to run “make odkx” command. To solve it, all i did was follow the error prompt below to install pyenchant after running “make odkx-check”.

This error – " Extension error: “Could not import extension sphinxcontrib.spelling (exception: The ‘enchant’ C library was not found and maybe needs to be installed.See Installation — PyEnchant 3.2.1 documentation for detail”

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