Staying informed about ODK-X and our new ODK-X Forum

As you may already have heard, the ODK-X tools now have their very own ODK-X Forum! We are all excited to have a space specifically focused on the ODK-X tools.

Anyone who engaged with the ODK-X tools on the old ODK Forum can (re-)create an account and claim old posts.

Please set up your notifications to follow categories of interest, like software releases, technical support, and feature requests.

Just watch single topics or entire categories that interest you and you’ll be notified accordingly. And if you don’t want to visit the forum regularly, you can configure your preferences to get an activity summary of popular topics as frequently as you’d like.

Make sure to keep receiving notifications from this announcements category. We do occasionally need to send very important announcements (like this one) to everyone in the community, so we have automatically enrolled all forum members to the important announcements category. We expect the number of announcements to be very small, so please don’t unwatch or unsubscribe from this category or you will miss out on very important information!