Sync between devices without connecting to ODK-Sync server

We have a fairly large set of forms - 30+ forms for now, but will go over 100 over the next few months. Our current work flow requires a participant to move from one staff to other 4 times, and ebery time the data has to be synced so that it is available on every staff devices. Data sync over internet takes a long time and since we have to do it multiple times for a participant during a visit, it brings about 40-45 minutes of total downtime, during which not only the participant has to wait, the devices are also blocked until sync is completed. I wonder if it is possible to ‘optionally’ sync data between two or more devices, which I assume will be a lot faster. I know there is no such feature available, but I wonder how such a feature can be implemented. I have development resource available, but need some pointers on how to go about it, if such a thing is possible at all.

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