Sync-endpoint-docker-swarm build failure

Hi, i am new in odk-x. I try to install sync-endpoint but i get this error.

kind help please! i need to resolve it. Thank you

Hi @ornich!

Can you please tell us a bit more about your setup, and what steps you took before this error? You may find the documentation on setup here Setup ODK-X Sync Endpoint with Cloud Services — ODK-X Docs helpful if you haven’t reviewed it already, or setup videos on our YouTube channel

@elmps2018 hi thank you for the reply, i Setup ODK-X Sync Endpoint Manually OS: ubuntu 22.04. I use this documentation Setup ODK-X Sync Endpoint Manually — ODK-X Docs

Hi @ornich! Thanks for these details. Could you tell us which steps you had completed and which one you were trying when you got this error?

I am not sure we have tested the recent upgrades to ubuntu yet with the older Tomcat. You might want to try ubuntu 18.

We need to do a maintence release and move all the versions up. It is on the to do list.

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@elmps2018 i get this error when i setup sync-endpoint Manually following the steps:
1)cd sync-endpoint
2)mvn clean install