Synchronize data from ODK-X Sync Endpoint to PowerBI or Google Data Studio

I am looking for ways to synchronize data from Sync Endpoint to PowerBI or Google Data Studio. I did see a mention of this in one of the internship projects (Internship Project: Improve the ODK-X Sync Endpoint) but I am not sure what is the current status of this implementation. Has anyone done something similar?

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So, obviously, this isn’t something that can be done easily. I am looking into another possibility - hopefully someone with knowledge and experience in this regard can respond to this.

My Sync Endpoint in installed on a Digital Ocean droplet. Is it possible to also host a wordpress install (probably on a sub-domain) on the same droplet, so that I can access the PostgreSQL database used by Sync Endpoint through Wordpress? There are several wordpress plugins like wpDataTables that can use a PostgreSQL database to create tables and graphics.

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Currently, to get your data into Power BI or Google Data Studio you need to export a CSV and import into those tools.

With regards to sync-endpoint and wordpress integration the default configuration of docker blocks access to the database. This allows an easier setup as the username/password to the database are in the configuration files. This provides a double protection layer, the VM firewall and docker.

Two options:

  1. You could add wordpress to the docker swarm and add the wordpress to the db network in docker.
  2. You can expose postgres’ port outside of the docker swarm (less secure). You will want to make sure your firewall are set correctly on your VM. To improve the security you should also change the database password which is stored in the db.env.

Thank you. This is definitely helpful, but beyond my skills to set up. I will seek some professional help with this. If I find an easily replicable method of doing this, I will share it in the forum. Thanks again.

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