The server config was reset during this sync, please restart

Hi, I am trying to reset the app server after updating my forms, but this time I get this message mentioned in title with the explanation

The app server has been reset since the last time you synced, and the schema has changed, the sync is aborted.

Any tips would be appreciated,


I am having this problem too. I was under the impression that I can redefine and reset tables from ODK Services on my gadget, but I seem to be stuck. I have deleted all records remotely and locally, but fields have changed. The standard commands on the server (Manifest, rows, attachments, …) don’t seem to offer an option for clearing definitions there.

Does “Please restart.” mean restart the server? Really?


@MirwaisAkrami, what were you using/doing to try to reset the app server?

You can push up new tables via ODK Services to a reset server from your tablet; however, you can’t really redefine tables without resetting them, usually via suitcase, see: