Unable to access

Hello Team,
I did undertake to setup sync endpoint locally.I cannot access as well as web-ui/login

Any idea

This only produces the WAR for test or WAR for the swarm. To setup the swarm you need to use GitHub - odk-x/sync-endpoint-default-setup: A cloud server to host data and application files, and to support bi-directional data synchronization across disconnected mobile devices.

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many many thanks @W_Brunette
Is it possible to host data locally using this setup.
I am doing a local setup with the intention of giving it a public ip address once am done with the setup.
Is it possible to use web-ui using a local setup?

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Yes but running HTTPS locally is hard because it’s dependent on obtaining a encryption certificate from signing provider.

Please see my post here:

I get upto this point(uploaded) using but cant get to the same using or
What is it that am not doing right?

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Hi @hissdev ,

Have you tried entering your hostname in the security.server.hostname field in the security.properties file (under the directory config/sync-endpoint)? And, also check the port_number for http and https.


Many thanks @Prashant
Am doing local server. My host is windows server 2012R2 and I have my installation on ubuntu 18.04 inside oracle virtual Box .The direction given earlier is that when you are using default LDAP you do not need to specify hostname. I have looked for the file security.server.hostname in the security.properties under config/sync-endpoint but I cannot locate it .Am I having the wrong setup
Please please Team I need help on this.
Anyone who has done a local setup and succeeded please guide.

Hello team,
Details for my configurations are as attached
What am I not doing right.
I want to setup a local server so that I am able to sync with tablets that are within a local network with a plan to make the server publicly accessible once I can sync the endpoint with the tablets locally

docker images
docker network ls

Should I go ahead and create users so that finally finally am able to sync with the tablets locally if I point the server address
sync with the server

Examples of security.properties files from the ODK-X repos (including the ones that run locally in test).

Default Setup

Here are some from the sync-endpoint tests that run locally. NOTE: they are test so they are not designed for production but you should be able to get them to work and use as examples:

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Many many thanks @W_Brunette
Let me try these and give feedback

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@hissdev, the Android devices require HTTPS which it’s difficult to get a TLS/SSL certificate for a local address. Therefore you need to access the administrative settings in Services to allow an HTTP connection (which the password will not be secure).See:

Other possible useful information (it’s good to search on the forum):