Upload a file and get authorization

What is the problem?
In ODK v1 there’s a question type that let the user upload a file in a survey, in ODK 2.0 there isn´t a prompt type that let me do it. Is there a simple way to do it o should I create a custom prompt type for this matter?

Plus, once a file is uploaded I need another person to authorize the file, I read that this couls be accomplish by a bi-directional syncronization, is there a place when I can learn how to do this? Haven´t found it on the docs.

What ODK tool and version are you using? And on what device and operating system version?
ODK 2.0 in a Android 7 phone

Thank you


Dear David,

I am not familiar with the ODK 1 file uploading and am not sure if there is an equivalent in ODK2 (what file type are you trying to upload?) but in terms of bi-directional sync, yes, that works quite well–we had it for, for example, supervisors who could see and review across their team. How we had this work was field workers collected data, synced to the server, and then supervisors could sync down and review/revise. This all is quite inherent to syncing with ODK Services in ODK 2, you can read more about services here:

For actually assigning a particular person, you may want this documentation:

Hopefully someone else can help with the file question.



Reviewing the prompt types (available here) , I agree, I do not see something for a binary file. You can add a custom prompt type but I would encourage you to add a feature request to the issue queue. :slight_smile: (Even better would be to provide the pull request that creates the new prompt type :grin: )

When your mobile devices synchronizes with the cloud endpoint will automatically synchronize all attachments between the mobile devices that share a common cloud endpoint.

Thanks for your answer, the file type would be PDF, something simple and probably a 1 page file. And the bi-directional sync is for the aprooval of that file. This file is made in the field and has to be aprooved by a supervisor in a Main Location.

I´ll review the links you send, to accomplish this task.


Thank you, I´ll add the feature request in the issue queue by now, because I´m new at this an dthe pull request could take long :grin::grin::grin:

But we need this so I´ll give it a try.


Hi David,

There is a developer call coming up next week. ODK 2 Developer Call – 2018-09-25

If you could attend, it would be a good opportunity for you to discuss the feature request. That will help us better understand your use case or if you want to implement this yourself we can help you get started on the call too.

Great, I can´t today, but read in the post that are 2 meetings like this one per month, I be looking forward to attend in the next meeting.