Upload files using ODK-X Suitcase

Hello everyone. I would like to upload data from another data collection tool with ODK-X Suitcase. The problem is that I don’t really understand how it works. I created assets and tables subfolders as said in the documentation, but nothing changes. Are all columns required? Or have I misunderstood the documentation?

Thanks in advance

Hi @Francky_NGUEMA!

When using ODK-X Suitcase to upload data, as well as creating the right folders structure, you need to include in the data the various operations you want to implement. See “Preparing your csv for upload”: ODK-X Suitcase — ODK-X Docs

Hi @elmps2018 !
Thanks for your answer. I followed the instructions on ODK-X Suitcase — ODK-X Docs but nothing was uploaded. I’m surely missing something but at this point, i don’t know.

@Francky_NGUEMA are you using the command line or graphical interface? When you upload to you get any error or confirmation messages?

@elmps2018 i’m using ODK-X Suitcase and when i do the upload, it just said Done

@Francky_NGUEMA can you tell us a bit more about using it? So for example are you using it with the command line interface or the graphical interface? What steps do you take to upload (before it says done)?

I’m using it with the graphical interface. after opening the tool, I go to the upload tab and select the folder in which the file is located. then I click on upload and after a certain waiting time, it’s done.

@Francky_NGUEMA, great, do you have the operations included in the csv file in the folder you are uploading? For instance, DELETE, UPDATE, etc.? Do you have _id and form_id? See preparing your csv for upload here: ODK-X Suitcase — ODK-X Docs

I have included the operation NEW, _id and id_form. Can the _id be empty ? In my file it is not empty but has a specific value format

_id should not be empty, since it’s the unique identifier in the data. I don’t think a specific format would cause problems, but if you want to try testing a much simpler _id, like 123, you could test that to see if it solves the problem. Note that the column is _form_id not id_form. If you’re able to share a snippet of data or fake data of the same structure that could help.

I made a simple file to upload, i did not put all the columns but nothing was uploaded
sudesa.csv (68 Bytes)

Thanks for sharing this. Nothing looks obviously wrong to me in the csv. Are you able to successfully download data from the server? Checking the server logs might help. You could also try using the command line interface instead in case that gives you more informative messages.

I can successfully download data from server. I do not know how to use the command line interface to upload data on the server. I attach a file containing data from the server
link_unformatted.csv (960 Bytes)
and another that I want to upload
sudesa - Copie.csv (449 Bytes)

Good that you can download, that rules out some problems. The command line interface instructions are here: ODK-X Suitcase — ODK-X Docs and also the logs on the server might help. I don’t see anything obviously wrong with the data you are trying to upload and download.

@elmps2018 i will take a look at the logs and the ODK-X Suitcase documentation. I will come back to you if i have any trouble. thanks

I wanted to use the command line interface, but I got the following error Error: Unable to access jarfile 'C:\Users\Francky\Downloads\ODK-X_Suitcase_v2.1.9.jar'. when i run C:\Users\Francky\Downloads\ODK-X_Suitcase_v2.1.9.jar --help i got the result expected. So i do not understand what the upload does not want to work

Have you been able to access the server logs?

I saw the server logs but i didn’t see anything wrong

Do the server logs show the data being updated, or anything at all at the time you are trying the update?

The server shows nothing about the upload