User Authentication and Synchronization Failure on ODK-X

I am currently developing with the ODK-X tool and have configured it to the server. I am creating users using PHP LDAP Admin. I can sign in to the server using the web UI without any issues. However, when attempting to authenticate and synchronize on an Android device, only the admin user can successfully authenticate and synchronize to see the tables. Other users either fail to authenticate or, if authenticated, fail to synchronize and retrieve the tables.

Error Message: User authorization failure: Please verify your username/password or your account access.

Steps Taken:

Configured ODK-X tool to the server.
Created users using PHP LDAP Admin.
Successfully signed in to the server via web UI with all users.
On Android devices, only the admin user can authenticate and synchronize to see the tables.
Other users fail to authenticate or, if authenticated, fail to synchronize.

I am looking for assistance in resolving this issue. Specifically, I need help understanding why non-admin users are failing to authenticate or synchronize and what steps I can take to fix this problem. Any insights or guidance would be greatly appreciated.

Hi @Godfrey_John1!

In terms of configuring the users, I am wondering if the issue is how user data permission filters were set up? See Data Permission Filters — ODK-X Docs
It sounds like the users may not have enough permissions to sync or edit the tables in some cases.

i have tried checking the permission, for a user who is admin i found this: " There was an unexpected error (type=Internal Server Error, status=500).


Please contact the operator with the above information."

can you tell me in detail what can i do, i have tried reading the documentation but still i dont understand.

So when you set up your users, did you assign them to groups that have the right permissions?
Data Permission Filters — ODK-X Docs describes the types of permissions
describes the assigning.
If users were not assigned to the groups for editing, synchronizing, etc., then this may be why you are getting errors.

what i have done is just signing them in “default_prefix data_collectors” is there any place to sign them?? or any kind of permission?

@Godfrey_John1 in Users and Groups — ODK-X Docs you can see how they assign users to groups such as to 503 for default_prefix_synchronize_tables

i have done that with the success now, my concern is on, my user with the role of admin site, when i try to login in my android device by using this user i get the following error "Internal Server Error (500) please notify your server administrator. but when a user has a role of “default_prefix data_collectors” can login and synchronise.

Did the admin. user have their permissions changed accidentally when adding the other users? Otherwise this is a fairly generic error - I would suggest checking the logs on the tablet and the server to see if there’s a more specific error message.

Likely you have an error in your LDAP configuration.

The errors generally will show up to a site administer logging into the following URL

https://<YOUR DOMAIN URL>/odktables/default/usersInfo