User logs for auditing

Hi team,

I am trying to find information on whether ODK-X provides a way to audit user actions. Is there a documentation on this?

Hi @Quoda! Yes, there are logs - Logging Capabilities of Apps β€” ODK-X Docs documents the logging capabilities. The tablet logs on the sdcard are likely what you are looking for.

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Hi @elmps2018

Thanks for the prompt response. What I’m actually looking for are logs of users’ actions on the sync-endpoint. Is it possible to audit actions of a user on data submitted to the sync-endpoint?

@Quoda further down in that page: Logging Capabilities of Apps β€” ODK-X Docs you can see the docker logs and how to get the logs of sync-endpoint. You can get the submissions data logs from that.

Yes, there is a table that contains the complete history of all changes to the table. Hence why you should NEVER update the sync-endpoint tables yourself as multiple tables need to be updated for every change for syncing and auditing to work properly.

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I should also add the sync-endpoint rest protocols support querying changes to data rows and history.

Check out the documentation: ODK-X Sync Protocol β€” ODK-X Docs

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Thank you @elmps2018 and @W_Brunette for making clearer how I can obtain these user/system logs.
Very helpful!