Variable Auto assignment

Hi team, Just a quick question. Is it possible to assign variables automatically in a survey? Lets say, I have a select_multiple question and the variable under it is COVID1. So when I choose 3 selections in that question, It should automatically generate 3 variables that stores the data i.e. COVID1_1,COVID1_2 & COVID1_3 instead of storing it in one variable(COVID1) as an array like [“1”,“2”,“3”].


Hi @James_Nyanga! It’s certainly possible for you to set up your survey to do this although I don’t think there’s a one line sort of solution. You can define COVID1_1 COVID1_2 and COVID1_3 in your model statement and then “assign” them with the assign prompt type and a calculation. You can wrap the assign in an “if” using a selected calculation

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