We are unable to access the ODK forms on phone which have android versions less than 10.0

We are a NGO non profit organization which basically works for natural farming. We have developed some ODK forms and hosted in ODK central. So that ODK apps can be installed on android mobiles and data can be collected.

The problem we have noticed is, few of our team members have mobiles which have android versions less than 10.0
They are unable to access any ODK projects or forms in their ODK apps.
People who have android versions greater than or equal to 10,they are able to access the forms.
Please let us know how this issue can be resolved.
I have also attached the screenshot of the error that we see on ODK app when we scan the QR code
of the project.

Hi @Naresh_Swargam, I think you are asking about ODK not ODK-X. ODK help is here: https://getodk.org/

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