Welcome GSoC applicants!

Welcome prospective Google Summer of Code applicants! ODK-X is participating in Google Summer of Code this summer. This program provides opportunities for newcomers to computing and open source to complete paid internships.

We are participating as a sub-org of DIAL. Please read through DIAL’s instructions carefully to learn how to get started!

About ODK-X
Data collection and management is a key component of social good efforts ranging from polio elimination to rainforest conservation to labor justice and the ODX-X project provides a tool suite which contains tools to meet those needs. ODK-X is a platform to build custom apps that enable users to manage and visualize their data just as well in the field as they do in the office. Users of the ODK-X suite include the World Mosquito Program, Mercy Corps, and St. Catherine University.

If you have any questions about internships in general, please ask in the comments for this post! Administrators may split some of the longer threads into their own topics if needed but please start all general internship forum conversations in this thread. For questions or comments about specific projects, please comment on the project posts listed below.

We prefer you use the forum for communication so all time zones can have a chance to respond. If you have a question that needs a real-time answer or just want to chat, you can find us on the internship Slack . We also have channels for specific projects.

We aim to have all conversations in public to increase transparency and knowledge sharing. In this spirit, please refrain from messaging community members directly!

These high-level descriptions should serve as a starting point for your project proposals:

Getting Started

  • Read over this post and DIAL’s instructions very carefully and ask below if you have any questions
  • Look over the ODK-X website and ODK-X documentation to familiarize yourself with the project
  • Find an issue in the Issue Queue tagged “easy win” or “good first issue” that you want to work on and comment to claim it. Try to find an issue related to the project you want to work on if possible, or at least in the same codebase. The project pages above link to the appropriate Github repositories.
  • Join the internship Slack and talk to community members and mentors.

Applying to be an ODK-X intern
If you are eligible for GSoC , you will apply through GSoC starting March 29th.

We recommend starting to discuss your project ideas in the project-specific forum threads and slack channels above as soon as you can! The earlier you start your application and share a draft, the stronger it will be.