Which ip address should I use? for the host or for docker

I have created a user but still unable to web-ui .Please guide which ip should I use
1.The one for the local machine
2.The one assigned to the docker

see attached

Hi @hissdev!

I am not quite sure what step you are on/what setup you are trying. But if for example you are setting up a server and following the directions here: Setup ODK-X Sync Endpoint with Cloud Services ā€” ODK-X Docs
then you should be using the ip address you set up earlier in the workflow on this page. Note the hints at the bottom of the page in terms of potentially needing to take the docker stack down and bring it up again.

Many thanks @elmps2018 .
I am doing manual or local setup of the sync endpoint. In the local setup we are using LAN. Every node in the LAN is assigned an ip address. I have a server and within the server have installed oracle virtualbox. Inside the VM have installed ubuntu 18.04.I am setting up sync endpoint locally. I have installed docker in swarm mode. Docker has an ip address,server has an ip address. Which ip address should I use to access web-ui.I have tried both but not successful

Iā€™m able to access the php admin page to create users but i was having challenge when login in into " [http://[IP_ADDRESS]/web-ui/login] to access user data.

Hello @hissdev

I suggest you use this convention for the IP address http://host_machine_address:host_port/web-ui/login

I believe the virtual machine that hosts the docker has the host port above forwarded to the guest port associated with the docker

Great thanks


many thanks @franklwambo
I have followed the steps as advised but am still not getting access. I do not know where am missing it

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Hello @hissdev perhaps you share a screenshot of the error you get. Otherwise, you can check if your guest OS has firewall setting permitting access via the port the docker is configured on.

Great thanks