Windows or Linux for ODK-X

I’ve a small doubt regarding the choice of operating system (Windows vs. Linux) for ODK-X sync-endpoint integration. I’ve observed that for cloud setup of server, documentation of ODK-X is prepared mainly for Linux systems. Is there any suggestion for fresher to choose Linux or Windows for smooth experience with ODK-X ?

@Prashant I run windows and I run sync endpoint locally in my docker. One of the advantages of docker is it runs on multiple operating systems. You should be able to run the same docker commands at the power shell. Inside docker it acts like Linux based on the containers we chose.

Does that answer your question? (Did I make sense?)

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Also @Prahant one way to see if everything is configured correctly, sync-endpoint repo has two test modules that take advantage of docker in it’s maven scripts. Try checking it out and running “mvn clean install” if it passes then you know everything is setup correctly on windows.

Well besides the swarm external networking and LDAP.


Thanks @W_Brunette, your explanation is really helpful. :grinning: