XLSX Converter error Cascading selects


I followed the guide xlsform.org to create a cascading form, but I am given this error:

Error: Unexpected token ‘{’ interpretting formula: cf=${ville} on sheet: survey row: 3 column: choice_filter

I replace the {} with (), and it doesn’t give me an error, but can’t load my choices, it goes in circles.

I also ask myself the question of the default language, French, which I put … encoding problem ?

If you have ideas to solve my problem, it would be appreciated

Thank you

ODK-X tools follow a different form standard. Check out the documentation https://docs.odk-x.org/xlsx-converter-intro/

Hi, @W_Brunette! Could you please provide any example about choice_filter? I had the same problem as @Patrick30. The documentation provides the pattern structure for each sheet (survey in this case) but I did not find anything about the possible values of choice_filter column.
I faced something like: “Unexpected token ‘{’ interpretting formula” and "Unexpected token ‘if’ "

Hi @ghteotonio! In the Using queries section, there’s an example with a choice_filter, see the “Queries Survey Worksheet Example”