Ben Green TSC Application - 2018-09-03

Ben Green (@bengreen)

World Mosquito Program

What contributions (e.g., issue triage, tech support, documentation, bug fixes) have you made to the ODK community?
I am Product Manager, leading a delivery team at the World Mosquito Program (WMP). We work on data tools for field and laboratory operations, and ODK 2 has been part of the product suite since 2016.We have had direct engagement with the UW team in periodic phone conferences since beginning to work with it ODK 2. I have provided documentation on our progress and implementation to support UW funding reporting requirements and make forum contributions.

How do you believe your contributions have benefited ODK?
Through feedback to UW on our team’s experience implementing ODK.

What do you believe the top priorities for ODK are?
Managing the transition away from UW technical stewardship and fostering a strong community.
Building on the documentation to create an accessible on-boarding process that encourages user growth.
Cooperation with ODK 1 community to build complementary roadmaps and to share contributions where possible.
Promoting design as an integral part of the development process an building an improved user experience.

How will you help the ODK community accomplish those priorities?
Provide a perspective to the TSC that is heavily informed by experience in product management and user experience design.
Evaluate the documentation with our team at WMP and contribute improvements.
Use my experience managing roadmaps across multiple products to help articulate plans and encourage contributions.
Contribute user journeys for epics and designs for features.

How many hours a week can you commit to participating on the TSC?

What other mobile data collection projects, social good projects, or open source projects are you involved with?
Working as a carer for positive people at the Victorian AIDS Council, Melbourne Australia
Designing and delivering a web design course for positive people at the Positive Living Centre, part of the Victorian AIDS Council
Training newly arrived refugees in computer skills through a public housing program run by Infoxchange in Melbourne, Australia

Please share any links to public resources (e.g., resume, blog, Github) that help support your application.