Cannot connect ODK Services to the server

Hi All,

I am trying to connect to my server from ODK Services. For some reason, it’s not allowing me to connect. I provided right URL, ID, and Password. What shall I do before I can connect to the server?


It’s probably a configuration issue, see ODK2 Sync Endpoint: Authentication error


The error message I received: “Server is not configured for this appName. Please verify server configuration.” Tried to follow the instruction. However, still stuck at the same point.


What server are you using?

Hi, I am using Google AppEngine.


Aggregate or Sync-Endpoint?

Did you deeply your odk server name on Google cloud . If not you can follow below video for updated configuration steps:


Hi Waylon,

Its’ on Aggregate.


Hi Narendra,

Thanks for sharing the video. Yes I configured the server. The only issue is, I am new to ODK2 and trying to connect my Services to the Aggregate and for some reason unable to connect connect with the server and the above Error has been returned.


Maybe the “appName” being used on mobile device does not match the one on the server? The “appName” on the device and on the server generally default to “default” (clever I know :grin:).

If you changed the server “appName” then you need to set on the launch of your ODK 2 mobile tools which “appName” they should be using.

NOTE: unless you are trying to run two “ODK 2 applications” simultaneously on the same device (i.e. cold chain registry and election monitoring) there is no need to change the “appName” from “default”. It’s a feature that supports multiple “ODK 2 applications” using the same ODK 2 framework on the same device. This is important for isolation and security reasons.

Hi Waylon,

Thanks so much. You are right. I changed the appname as initially I thought I should change the appname. I changed it back to default and I am connected to the server.

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Hello guys,

Im using virtualbox and ODK aggregate server.
When I start to pulling my data I cant go to server.

What version of Aggregate are you using?

Are you trying to connect to ODK-X Services?

NOTE: For ODK-X Aggregate has been deprecated and you are encouraged to use sync-endpoint instead.


How can I find the server “appName” and how can I change it so that it will match with “appName” which is being used on mobile?
I am using ODK-X Sync Endpoint.


The system defaults the appName to ‘default’. If you did not change anything it will automatically be set correctly.

Hi @yanokwa,

Can you please add me to the ODK Sandbox environment? I’m trying to test some integration with Power BI and reporting.

Thank you!

I suspect you want the ODK Forum for that:

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Thanks for the redirection!

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I am also experiencing a similar problem.Odk-x services has failed to connect to the server.It throws a gateway or configuration error