Configuration for ODK-X notify panel and notify Android Application

Hi i am looking to contribute to the desktop application of ODK
( ) . I am not able to configure the odk desktop application and the android application ( . The android application requires ODK services to be configured which needs the odk server to be configured. I have configured sync endpoint and created a new user using the following instructions
(Default user account of Open Data Kit 2.0 Server) .
This is the screenshot of the page in which i logged in

so the username and password which i used here , is it the same username and password which i have to enter in odk services android app?
another problem i am facing is in the desktop application odk notify admin panel , does it require the same username and password and what are the configuration settings ? is ServiceAccountkey.JSON the key recieved from google cloud and what is web api key , dynamic link domain and Android Application package name?

Great that you want to contribute! I am tagging @Jeff_Beorse and @linl33 who have been working on notify to help.

@harsh615 you are the expert :slight_smile:

For the username and password, it is the same set of credentials for ODK-X Services, Notify, and other ODK-X tools.

For the admin panel, see the last step on here for what to put in each field.

This has helped . Thank you