Customized logo or interface

Any lead, for the customized logo or/and interface for app based on ODK Table and ODK Survey, will be much helpful.

I am a beginner in the area of ODK. Looking forward optimistically.

Prashant K.

Hi @Prashant! As you are new to the community, when you get a chance, please introduce yourself here.

ODK-X tools are very customizable. One easy way to customize a logo could be to just to swap out the form_logo.png file in the app>config>assets>img for a same-named file that has the logo you want.

Customized interfaces are very doable especially in ODK-X tables, see here in the docs for examples. But if you are a beginner it may be best to start here with the install and then try the survey learning path before moving to customizing tables.

Thanks for replying @elmps2018, yes the above mentioned idea is working fine. But, i was more curious to change ODK-X Survey app icon Click here for icon picture

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Are you referring to the icon on the device home screen you click to launch Survey or the Survey splash screen icon?

If it’s the splash screen icon, you can change it from the settings.

  1. Go to ODK-X Services
  2. Go to settings
  3. Device settings
  4. Splash image

If it’s the icon on the home screen,
You will have to either recompile Survey and the other ODK-X apps with your icon or you can use a third party solution to change the icon.

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Thanks for replying @linl33, I was not referring to the Survey splash screen icon. If possible, can you give a bit more information to change the home screen via recompiling the Survey app or using a third-party solution? Any reference page or already implemented example will be really helpful.

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To compile in your logo,

Replace these 4 files:

Note that you will also have to recompile Services, Tables (if you’re using it), and other ODK-X apps that you use. This is because ODK-X apps requires all ODK-X apps to be compiled using a single signing key.

For the third party solution, I have not tried any but if you google for it, you should find many options. For example, android change home screen icon - Buscar con Google


Hi @linl33 , thank you for very helpful info. Is it possible to have some 2-3 apps (survey or table) on a single device with different logo? I guess, for each app the survey app along with ODK services and ODK Table may need to be recompiled for each app.

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ODK-X supports this through AppNames. See the links below for more information

But it doesn’t support using different icons. The different AppNames are launched through widgets, so you might be able to find a thirty party solution to give each widget a different icon.


@Prashant ODK-X does support multiple icons. Basically you create an android shortcut or widget with the icon you want and that icon launches an intent with that appName. You can also create a very simple android app that simply has the icon you want. The simple app when launched simply launches an intent with the ‘appName’ to open the ODK-X frameworks so it looks like it’s coming from the simple app.