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  • Where you are typically based
  • How you got involved with the ODK-X
  • What kinds of ODK-X projects you have been involved in
  • Your blog/Twitter/GitHub/other way for the community to follow you
  • Some of your favorite things to do outside of ODK-X
  • [insert your own fun fact here]

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Hello everyone,

  • My name is Gibril Gomez and I work in public health.

  • I am interested in learning more about ODK-X tools for field data collection.

  • I hope to receive great support from the community.

  • Follow on Github @gibrilg } Twitter @gibril211



Hi Everyone,

My name is Stéphane. I am a nutritionist, working in research. My main focus is the health and nutrition of First Nations Children in Canada.

We are about to start conducting research using ODK across Canada!


Hi Everyone,

My name is Samuel Sesay! I’m currently a Data Analyst for a NGO and I have traveled all over the world and states. My favorite food is plantains and I enjoy a good challenge. Glad to be part of the community!

  • Hello everyone. My name is Paul and I am doing freelance here in the Philippines. I am actually using ODK but since I am a true-blue tech, I got to get my hands dirty with ODK-x.
  • Right now, I just cruising ODKx free way.
  • Shylock Muyengwa- based in Harare Zimbabwe
  • I am translating all my livelihoods projects that I implemented since 2014 in ODK into ODK-X and hopefully collect follow up surveys for all the households in Mozambique, Namibia, Zambia, and Zimbabwe
  • As above- coding of livelihoods based surveys
  • My github is smuyengwa79 and twitter @shylockmuyengwa
  • I love coding in R and make tables and graphs

Hi everyone,

My name is Chris and I’m a developer based between UK and Canada. I’ve been working with ODK for the past 5 years or so, now have my first ODK-X project underway. I’ve previously worked on large-scale data collection projects and often created my own apps to feedback information from the data collected, so I’m intrigued to see what can be done with the new ecosystem of tools!


Hello, my name is kossi. I am new here. I am currently on an internship working on project with Dataville.
I want to know more about ODK. How do I leverage on this platform to enhence my career.
Thank you.


Hi everyone,

My name is Thien Mai.

  • I am based in Vietnam.
  • I am software engineer working for a not-for-profit organization
  • I am working on Field Entomology project which is heavily adopting ODK Aggregate v1.
  • ODK-X is interesting I am doing some tests around it as I am aiming to upgrade ODK.

It’s nice to join the community.


Hello everyone!

I am Apurva Bhargava and I will be using the ODK-X tools for development of framed field experiment games for an internship. We will be using this as a research tool for bridging the gap between humans and environment using data.


Am Barrack from Kenya.
A data manager for a local organization
Been using ODK for the last 3 years and just getting started with ODK-X
ODK projects have majorly been clinical trials
Follow me at htps://




My name is Patrick, I work for the city of Lachute near Montreal, Quebec, Canada. I am a GIS technician. I have already been using ODK for 2 years, and now ODK-X. We look forward to meeting you through this forum.


Hello everyone,
I am Jared Agia Oduwo from Kenya. I am a Data Manager/ Analyst with a local NGO. I have been using ODK to design tools used in monitoring various projects for the past 3 years. Currently I am in the process to transition from using ODK to using ODK-X because of it’s advanced features. I hope our interaction in this forum will be of great impact and learning.
My github account is @jaredagia and my twitter handle is @AgiaJared
Jared Oduwo


Hello , I am James from Kenya. I am a software developer and I am currently working on a project that involves developing forms using ODK-X and hosting the same applications using digital ocean. I love coding a lot though i can play FIFA too when not coding. Glad to be part of the community.

  • Where you are typically based: Medellín, Colombia
  • How you got involved with the ODK-X: i start with ODK for some proyects
  • What kinds of ODK-X projects you have been involved in: collecting data for agricultural proyects
  • Your blog/Twitter/GitHub/other way for the community to follow you: can find me in twitter as @pumapardo
  • Some of your favorite things to do outside of ODK-X: i like to go out to camping and play with my sons

Hi all! I’m in North Carolina, US and work in international development. I’ve implemented digital apps for ag and financial services. Looking forward to using ODK-X to develop agile and accessible tools with the help of the great resources here. Thanks in advance for everyone’s support and I hope I’m able to return the favor.


Hey I am OKPE MONDAY J, a Nigerian, currently working for fmard pace as an enumerator, thanks to OLDK FORUM


Hi all! Janna here - and finally going to figure out how to get started with ODK-X. Current project idea that is on my mind is to make a simple (ha…we always start out hoping for “simple”, right?) app for managing participants in a training programme (e.g., participants who attend multiple modules over multiple different training days). And also hoping that ODK-X then allows us to do follow-up with those training participants to actually track impact better over time.
I live in the UK and have been a long-time advocate of ODK in humanitarian contexts!


I am Ali Iqbal. I am from Pakistan. I work in the renewable energy sector. Part of our job is to do site surveys, for which we use pen and paper plus digital cameras for the pictures. Since work has grown by quite a lot recently, i wondered if a digital solution could be implemented. A friend told me about ODK and here i am to try it out.

I am an electronics engineer by training but have a profound interest in software development. Its a recent preoccupation and it seems never ending. With implementation of an ODK based service, apart from our work becoming easier and more streamlined, i aim to have some hands on first timer experience with cloud services as well and maybe deploy a web application i built for a remote monitoring service on it too using docker containers. Its a long way to go… but hey! to me the journey is as important as the destination.

Glad to be here among such nice folks. I hope this community prospers for the benefit of us all.



Hello All!
I am Ali. I am based in Guatemala. The organization where I work is planning to implement a “Mobile Data Entry” project, so I found ODK when searching for a solution. I think I was very lucky to find the project and I am starting to learn about it.
Some things I love are photography and bread baking. I am not very active in social media, but you can find me at @AliAndrettaGT on Twitter.
FUN FACT: I fear roaches!

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