Doubts on switching from ODK to ODK X

Is there any difference in forms created from ODK and ODK-X…i know they are totally different projects but can anybody using ODK can switch to using ODK-X and still don’t have to change alot in configuration.I am very confused regarding this.

Hi @[whoever]! As you are new to the community, when you get a chance, please introduce yourself here.

There are some substantial differences in the forms (although some similarities as well). The comparison of tool suites is here:

I would recommend trying out the tools here:

As well as trying out the creation of forms here: or exploring the sample forms to compare.

@Lakshita_Rahoria the forms structures are different because ODK-X is designed for use cases that ODK does not handle well. There are limitations with the XForm standard, so the best way to move beyond those limitations is to not use the standard. ODK-X is designed as a parallel tool suite to provide features for use cases that organizations/users struggle to implement with the ODK tool suite.