Grunt -adb (Chrome error) - Windows

I have been using ODK-X for past 4years now. All of a sudden, my development machines are giving me an error “You must use a Chrome or Safari browser (note: this is tested only on Chrome)”. This is happening when I run grunt -adb. I have tested on both of my two laptops and I am getting the same error.

Below is the message appearing:

Anyone who might have encountered this before or who may have clue on how to resolve this please.

Likely, a newer version of chrome has a different method of obtaining the browser information. Or due to a new security update app-designer is having trouble determining the web browser.

Will require further research. However, you asked about have a clue.

I also got the same error, while trying to run the “grunt” command to load the ODK-X Application Designer.

Till the issue get resolved to access the app-designer on latest google chrome version, alternately installing Safari browser 5.1.7, the last stable version released by Apple for Windows, will help.

I have downloaded and installed Safari browser from this website: Safari Browser for Windows Download Free - 5.1.7 | TechSpot

It worked for me, but partially. Screenshot attached.

Thanks @W_Brunette
I downgraded my Google Chrome to a slightly older version (google-chrome-114-0-5735-199) and I am able to run perfectly well.

@Vivaswan - thank you, I will also install Safari Browser as an alternative.



Thanks for bringing this up - I’ve created an issue based on this problem…
Link to the issue on GitHub



It looks like the built in DB on Chrome was removed by default in M119

However, it looks like you can re-enable it until M123 (Mid-2024) by using chrome://flags/#web-sql-access

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