Issue with app-designer on latest Chrome browser

The latest release of Google Chrome (version 124.0.6367.78/.79) broke the app-designer because the flag that would re-enable the built-in database in Chrome (used by app-designer) is no longer available…

I have created and issue for this in GitHub and we’re working to get a hotfix out asap…

I’ve created a PR to migrate app-designer from websql to sqlite3… If anybody are able to help test the migrated app-designer it would be super helpful. You can clone the app-designer and test it by executing something along the lines of:

git clone
cd app-designer
npm install

Link to PR

Thanks a bunch :sunny:

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Thank you so much for this! It’s working!

There is now an official release of the application designer that adresses this:
ODK-X Application Designer Release v2.1.11 - Releases - ODK-X Forum

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