Header for ODK-X Survey (trying to avoid using note promt)

Hi all

Is is possible to add a custom header to surveys? Maybe as a custom style?

This point has been raised earlier (Screen Headers in ODK-X Survey). But i would like to avoid using note on all my screens, since I’m working with large forms with many screens.

I actually think this somewhat cryptic page (on the list for improvements): https://docs.opendatakit.org/odk-x/injected-interfaces/ is about the user interfaces, so you might be able to achieve a custom header as a custom javascript interface. Let us know if that does it!

If you are making a large survey you can use sections. Each Excel tab is considered a section. There is navigation help built around sections as well that may solve your problems (may not either).

Check out:

Also check out the section test form in app designer.

I’m not sure, how this would help with a custom header?

I’m using sections, in fact that is one of the reasons I would like a custom header.
I would like to use a custom header to tell the data collectors what section they are currently using.

This can be done with note prompts, but I think a custom header would be easier and it would be more useful in other surveys.

If you are already using sections, if you have a note in the beginning of the section, you can hide all else in the contents and then the contents will list what section you are in – this would be a short version of a custom header. Otherwise the custom javascript interface is probably the best option.