How can i contribute as a designer?

How can i contribute to ODK-X as a designer? Are these issues here ODK-X Design Improvements · GitHub still valid so i start working on them?

Hi @Irene if you are interested in Outreachy please see here: Welcome Outreachy Applicants - Spring 2024 for how to get started. The issues queue is here: Issues · odk-x/tool-suite-X · GitHub and the board you linked to is the UI project board, but these are not the only issues to work on, and if you want to work on an issue other than the Outreachy starter ones, please ask to be assigned to it.

Noted. Thank you @elmps2018

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Hi Irene, you can start by reviewing the ODK-X Design Improvements GitHub issues and collaborating with the community, but make sure the issues you’re interested in are still relevant and actively being worked on. Also, engage with the project maintainers and propose your design solutions to contribute effectively.

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