How to remove the form on the ODK2 cloud endpoint server?


I have tried “RESET APP SERVER” on ODK Services and Survey but it does not remove the form and the data on the server.
How to do that please ?



Dear Karim,

I am not sure why reset app server is not working, but have another idea to try:

In ODK Suitcase, once you are logged in, there is a button, right next to “Upload”, named “Reset.” If you hit the “Reset” button it deletes all the files on your server. Don’t hit this accidentally, but if what you want to do is totally wipe your server, it works great (at least in Aggregate, which is what we were using).



The Reset App Server option in ODK Services does not delete data from the server, it will only push new tables up. We try to be extra cautious with function on the phone so our users don’t accidentally delete data.

Like @elmps2018 said, if you want to delete data off of your server you will need to use ODK Suitcase. Link to Download


Thanks ! it worked perfectly