Individual repository for demo apps

Continuing the discussion from Search in table and list results. (ODK tables):

In the documentation of ODK-X (, there are well written guide for some example applications, such as:

  1. Geographic Health Survey App
  2. Longitudinal Clinic Study App
  3. Inventory Management and Maintenance App
  4. Survey Sample App
  5. Table Sample App

    And it is also mentioned that all Data Management Applications provided in these docs come with a full copy of the Application Designer they were developed in. (GitHub - odk-x/app-designer: A design environment for creating, customizing, and previewing your forms, data curation, and visualization applications.)
    What is the procedure, if one wants to get repository linked with a particular app ?

Hi @Prashant!

If you go to a particular app, such as: Geographic Health Survey App — ODK-X Docs
you will see a brief description of the app and then info about installing (e.g. “Installing EpiSample”). There it notes " Source code for this Data Management Application can be found in the malaria-demo branch of the App Designer repository."

That’s where the repository is for that particular app. I think all of the different apps tell you how to install, but let us know if there is one where you are having trouble!

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Hey @elmps2018 , thanks for the reply. Yes, there were some confusions in my understanding. Now,

  1. Geographic Health Survey App
  2. Inventory Management and Maintenance App
  3. Trying Out an ODK-X Survey Application

The above three apps have separate repository. But, the following two have almost similar look in app.

  1. Longitudinal Clinic Study App
  2. Trying Out an ODK-X Tables Application

Although, ODK-X Table sample app is fetched through server synchronization, while Longitudinal Clinic one is installed via pushing the files to the device. Are both same? I am not able to find the difference.

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The Hope sample doesn’t have its own branch, unlike the other samples. The Hope demo is stored on the master branch of app-designer, which contains the Hope demo as well as other examples. At the moment the Tables demo ( contains the master branch of app-designer. So the content pushed via Grunt and the content on are the same at the moment but this might not hold true in the future.