Initialization failure occured

Hello team, i get an error “initilization failure occured” on odk-survey after running adbpush, anyone can help? also i would like to ask after customizing the app and successfully run in my device how can i share to my team for them to test?

Hi @Godfrey_John1!

For the error after adbpush, does this occur if you try to push the default (downloaded from github) app or just your app? This will help distinguish between a problem in your program vs. an issue pushing or with the tablet. Did the adbpush give any error messages? Have you checked the logs on the tablet for errors?

To share with your team for testing you can either push to their physical tablets or set up a server and ODK-X Sync Endpoint. ODK-X Sync Endpoint — ODK-X Docs

i have tested both the default one as well as my app, but still getting the same error, i have tried to adopt the hope project by duplicating its files of js,index and html to fulfill my project, i will sahre the log file

@Godfrey_John1 If the default is also having problems, check that the app designer and survey are the same version of ODK-X and the version of the software of the tablet as well as the logs. What tablet with which version of Android are you using?

i am not using tablet, am using a smartphone samsung galaxy android version 13, where can i get a log file?

Hi @Godfrey_John1 a phone in general will work but Android 13 may be the problem - see notes on compatibility here - Installing ODK-X Basic Tools — ODK-X Docs

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@Godfrey_John1 we are currently working a release targeted at the beginning of March that will fix issues with Android 13 (API 33) and Android 14 (API 34). It works with some models and not others so we are working on doing a large upgrade which should help. In the mean time you can use an Android emulator targeting older API versions like 29 or 30.

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Thanks for all of your answers, now i can run it well, i would like to get the help on customizing the app, i have taken an example from Hope project, i have some forms which are baseline, location registration, social group and membership, i need these forms to be filled when a user click baseline button as user clicks female screen button on hope project example, then on following existing client a user can click and start following on the other forms, i get stack on implimenting in js files as implimented on hope project in femaleClients table, any help on this.

can i use odk central as a server?

No, the protocols are different as ODK-X supports the two way syncing of data for the longitudinal type workflows.

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Hello Team, i have successfully set a server for odk-x in digital ocean, i can access both phpLdapAdmin and Odk-x server (web-ui) now, how can i upload my project so that i can share with my team? anybody to help, i have to perform testing by today.

Hi @Godfrey_John1! You’ll want to reset the app server: Managing ODK-X Services — ODK-X Docs (make sure you are logged in and authenticated with a user with the appropriate permissions first).

i have successfully done it, i have seen my forms in survey app, but now how can i share to my team so that they can access the forms too? i have tried it but there are no forms still on the survey app, i have put the server url, username and password, when i synchronize it comes just a blank

@Godfrey_John1 you say both that “I have seen my forms in survey app” and “there are no forms still on the survey app.” Have you pushed your forms to an admin tablet and then reset the app server? That should put the forms on the server, and then another user can login to that server, sync, and get the forms on their tablet.

i ran adbpush to my tablet, then i have successfully seen all the survey i have on the survey app, then what else should i do so that my team can synchronize to get the surveys on their tablets?

i did mean that on my teammate’s tablet, there are no forms in survey app, in my tablet as an admin i see them, now i want to know what should i do so that they can get the forms on survey app too?

@Godfrey_John1 You’ll want to reset the app server: Managing ODK-X Services — ODK-X Docs (make sure you are logged in and authenticated with a user with the appropriate permissions first). Once you reset the app server (check the forms made it on to the server!) then the teammate can login to the server, authenticate, and then sync. Once they sync they should have the forms.

Hello after doing all steps, my app gives this message: web page not available the webpage at http://localhost:8635/default/config/assets/index.html could not be loaded because net::ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED, how can i fix it?

Hi @Godfrey_John1 could you please be more specific? Which app are you using, what steps have you completed?

i was uploading app designer, together with my form to server, i have successfully done it, then i have created a user that can synchronize the forms in a tablet, the user is successfully created and able to synchronize, when a user synchronize, the forms seen as been successfully synchronized but on the odk-x survey, it shows “nothing to display” in odk-table, shows the error above, there is where am stacking. but in emulator it works fine but not in real device, though am not using domain name on my server instead i use IP address