Installing odk-x sync endpoint

Hi all, when i am installing odk-x sync Endpoint.
At the time of mvn clean install the build is successful but some create table scripts are failing with the error tableid people is already exists with different number of columns. And when i am login into odk-x server it does not gives any option in form tables and no other option it is just showing who am i. Please suggest what to do

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It sounds like you are getting an error that tableid people already exists. Had you set up your server then revised the table? If you are trying to update you may need to reset the server with Services or Suitcase. If you are still having problems if you can send screenshots that might help!

@abhishekguptawork there are some tests that are expected to fail. We use an AssertFail logic so make sure the tests say they failed.

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I just install the server and when trying to login into odk-x server for creating forms I didn’t get options under Form tables menu. I am attaching screenshot for your reference.

I just go through the manual setup doc provided on the website.

Please let me know where i am wrong

It appears it is setup but now you need to push application config files to the server.

Here is how to push files from an Android device to server.

As @elmps2018 noted you can use Suitcase on the desktop or Services on the Android device to “Reset” the server with your application.