Latest development update on ODK 2.0?

Yao, ODkers,

I hope you are well.

I have been wondering for a while, what is the latest development update on ODK 2.0?

I am working with research teams keen to have data synchronization on their work flow. ODK 2.0 looks like it could meet their, however I am yet to read anything on its use on field implementation.

What would it be like to plan to use ODK 2.0 in a 3 year field study?

Probably wrong forum, but what’s the latest update on ODK Aggregate publishing data to a RedCAP server?

ODK 2 had a release earlier this week. See:

Here is a publication that describes some deployments:

Currently the ODK project is in the middle of a website upgrade so information is a bit scattered right now, will hopefully be resolved in the coming weeks.

This is the right forum to ask about Aggregate and RedCAP server integration. You can create a feature request and if voted high enough it might be taken up.