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Dear @elmps2018
My name is Yaya.
Is it a way to use linking forms (form1 and form2) in repeating groups for longitudinal data. This feature exists in ODK1 (xlsform) without repeating group. What about ODK2 (ODK-X). I stuck many days to find a solution in ODK1
In details: I have a form1 collecting by enumerators
collect data from members of household in repeating group. The form2 collecting by the supervisor
containing different enumerators calculate and summarize the record of form1 in repeating group too.
Each repeat in form2 contain the data of each enumerator coming in form1. form2 is the summarize of form1.
The linking forms is the id of enumerators and id of supervisors both in form1 and form2.

Thanks for any thought.

Hi @ligui ! As you are new to the community, when you get a chance, please introduce yourself here.

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ODK-X has sub-forms, which are similar to repeat groups, and can be used for longitudinal data. You can query across forms to link data using linked tables.

The longitudinal clinic app: Longitudinal Clinic Study App ā€” ODK-X Docs is a good example
And the documentation for linked tables is here: Using ODK-X XLSX Converter ā€” ODK-X Docs

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Thanks @elmps2018, I need to learn more about ODK-X. Allow me to ask further question, is it webform like enketo form (with the link to collect) in ODK could be use in ODK-X

Hi @ligui! ODK/enketo and ODK-X are different systems, you cannot use the form from one on the other. The general idea of tablet-based data collection is similar between the two.