Managing two apps on the Same server(Syncendpoint)

Dear Community,
I wanted to manage two apps on the same server(sync end point) which seems to be impossible according to the docs.
could there be a plan to add this feature in future? and does that mean i have create a new droplet for each application?

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Hi @Victor_Kakama! The docs suggests that’s not possible to host multiple application on the same Sync Endpoint Server. I am facing this problem too and would be great if it become a feature in the future.
What I am doing right now to workaround is deploying the forms with same deadline on the server and implement row-level access to deny users that are able to apply only a specific form from see data and responses from another one.

I don’t think is necessary to create a new droplet or ec2 instance for every server, but you had to set manually each one to host on the same machine (ports, volumes, etc).

Hi @Victor_Kakama! As you are new to the community, when you get a chance, please introduce yourself here.

Although you can’t have multiple apps in the same cloud endpoint, it works fine to have multiple on the same tablet, with a little naming work: Using ODK-X Survey — ODK-X Docs

As @ghteotonio suggests if you can put multiple forms in the same app, that is an effective work-around. You can also suggest (or contribute to!) this feature by making a feature suggestion on the forum here: Features - ODK-X Forum or adding the issue as an enhancement here: Issues · odk-x/tool-suite-X · GitHub

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Thanks i will surely introduce myself

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